Remodeling Trends

Trends come and go as the days, seasons, years, and decades pass by. There are trends and materials that stay in style for long periods of time and others that drop faster than a contractor can come back and rip their past work out. Some trends even go full circle and come back again in a person’s lifetime. In remodeling all over the world and the United States, kitchen and bath remodels are the most popular rooms to renovate. At Remodeling by Classic Homes, we know that is a fact in the Salem/Keizer area, as we do mostly kitchen and bathroom remodels every year for our clients by request.

Kitchen Trends

A survey of 25,000 homebuyers conducted by BDX-owned consumer platform showed these results:

  • 61% of buyers want a super-pantry with ultra-storage and are willing to pay a $4,500 premium for it
  • 49% want a butler’s pantry and will pay $2,500 extra for it
  • 50% of buyers want a kitchen island, 7% want a breakfast bar, & 43% want both
  • 30% of buyers want a farmhouse sink and are willing to pay $500 extra for it

Among several trending sites and tv shows like Houzz, Pinterest, and HGTV, consumers are seeing a lot of various styles and new trends coming and going. According to Houzz, stainless steel appliances are continuing to be the leading choice, white cabinets as the dominant trend, and waterfall countertops are still popular. In 2020, we might see a rise in more wood cabinetry, new takes on class subway tiles, including unique textures and larger sizes. Consumers are seeing color show up in kitchen appliances also. There are appliance manufacturers that are coming out with colorful fridges, ovens, sinks, stoves, and more and people are loving them. We might not see a whole lot of those being put into homes in the Salem/Keizer area, but it will be a trend in 2020 in numerous other places. We also foresee that white colored quartz will remain the most popular countertop for 2020.

Bathroom Trends

  • 77% of homebuyers want dual showerheads and are willing to pay an $800 plus premium for them
  • 59% of new homebuyers want a walk-in shower and a separate tub and are willing to pay a $2,500 plus premium for this
  • 34% want a steam shower for a $2,000 plus premium
  • 31% want a granite or natural stone master tub and shower surround and are willing to pay a $2,000 premium for it

As we move into 2020, a lot of the same trends from 2019 are moving with us, such as the freestanding tub. Manufacturers are beginning to offer more unique sizes and designs, so that homeowners can find a style that fits their layout and décor. Another trend that slowly started to come out in 2019 that will most likely become more popular in 2020 is exposed shower plumbing fixtures. Again, that won’t be a huge population in Salem/Keizer remodels that we do here at Remodeling by Classic Homes, but we may do a few; some homeowners view plumbing fixtures as art and the industrial look combines perfectly with modern white marble. Walk in tile showers and tile flooring will still be a big trend going into the new year, as well as what types of tiles homeowners are installing. Homeowners are usually installing either natural colors in sizes of 12×24, geometric shapes in matte colors, or even 12×12 or 8×8 in bright colored patterns. Going into 2020 the tile trends will still be similar to those of 2019, but will widen as they did from 2018 to 2019.

Written by Claire Juran, Interior Design Consultant
All information and sources were sited from Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine 12/2019